Residential College 21’s Glass Door Damaged by Wind
Residential College 21’s Glass Door Damaged by Wind
  • Reporter Jung Yoon-han
  • 승인 2017.03.01 18:57
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The glass door of Residential College broke on Saturday, Feb. 18. After hearing about the incident, most people thought a person, possibly who was drunk, caused the damage. However, it turned out to be a surprise as the door was damaged solely because of wind. The front door was opened due to the rock placed to keep it from closing. As the weekend was time for students to move in to their dormitories, the door was kept open for people to conveniently move their packages. This seems to have led the door to break.
As lots of people passed by the doors, external forces were continuously applied to the glass. The glass was already weak and eventually was shattered into pieces when a strong gust blew.
People in charge, such as the RAs (Residential Assistants), did not look at the security cameras to check what actually happened, because there were lots of witnesses, all saying that human activity was not the cause. After hearing the sound of the door shattering, they looked at toward it but saw no one nearby. Other problems within the Residential College have aroused at the beginning of semester, such as having the cable Internet not working on the 13th floor.