2017 POSTECH Startup Day
2017 POSTECH Startup Day
  • Reporter Park Geun-woo
  • 승인 2017.03.01 18:56
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On Feb. 24, the 4th POSTECH Startup Day was held in Seoul. The invited members included POSTECH alumnus investors and founders, non-Postechians interested in startups, and Postechians.
The main event was broken into 4 sessions: POSTECH, Venture Capital (VC), students, and founders. The event started with POSTECH President Kim Do-Yeon delivering a speech. The POSTECH Research and Business Development Foundation and the admissions office, each gave speeches about the startup aid program and Summer Experience in Summer (SES). In the following sessions, VC gave future predictions on tech-based startups. During the student session, Lee Jung-rak from RC 423, Lee Hyung-suk from Organ Print, and Lee Ji-hyung from EyePia gave speeches about their experiences with startups. In the last session, Park Ki-suk from Carplat, Lee Hyo-jin from 8Percent, and Seo Yoo-seok from Genexine gave the founders’ talks.