Honorary Doctorate Degree Awarded to Nobel Prize Winner
Honorary Doctorate Degree Awarded to Nobel Prize Winner
  • Reporter Park Min-young
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Professor Ryoji Noyori (chair professor of Nagoya University), winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in chemistry, became an honorary doctor of science in POSTECH. Becoming the 5th honorary doctor of POSTECH, Prof. Noyori is the second Nobel Prize winner after Professor Roderick Mckinnon.
POSTECH awarded the honorary doctorate degree to Prof. Noyori at the POSTECH 30th anniversary celebration.
Prof. Noyori developed an asymmetric synthetic method using optically active catalyst and contributed to the commercialization of various new medical substances including antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. These achievements led him to being awarded the Nobel Prize in 2001, and from 2003 he has led RIKEN, a laboratory called the cradle of Nobel Prize recipients in science in Japan.