Congrats for Settling down, Cheers for one Step Forward
Congrats for Settling down, Cheers for one Step Forward
  • Sangmin Lee
  • 승인 2016.12.07 11:04
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The Postech Times had its sudden start as one of the globalization plans of former President Sunggi Baik. I worked for three years at The Postech Times, participating in the first 34 issues. At that time, a meeting for the next issue looked like declaring a war upon our livings. Without system, we spent a lot of time and money rewriting articles and editing illustrations. Human resources were scarce. Sometimes only three reporters published an issue.
I do not think The Postech Times was comparable to newspapers of other universities. We had no system, standard, database or know-how. I am proud of The Postech Times completing 100 issues, building those bases simultaneously. These days our articles on science and technology are high-fashioned and cool.
When I was the editor, it was really difficult to choose subjects. POSTECH is too small to gather campus issues, geographically isolated, and emotionally far from Pohang community. Following concerns of twenties is too hard and not sustainable; we had to spend mush time to visit and interview other universities and metropolitan area. Timeliness was another difficulty. Three weeks were so long that we could not quickly cover the newest issues.
I do not know exactly, but surely successors had this kind of problem. Recent issues show their will to overcome this point, dealing various social interests like Choi Sun-sil Insident, THAAD, earthquake, emergency, etc. Those are definitely helpful attempts. Now I want to introduce one more motivating opinion to The Postech Times.
I believe everyone knows Choi Sun-sil Insident. Though confessions and analysis of many people, numerous conspiracy theories and stories of deception have been revealed. The revelation of Choi Sun-sil Insident would have been impossible without past newspapers. Actually, most of evidences on evil deed of Choi Sun-sil families were from quoted comments and reports on past newspapers. Feeling a thrill of noticing massive plot, I thought once more about the role of media. It is not only interpreting current events, but storing information for future generations.
Furthermore, I believe the storing role of the press should be emphasized on the university press. There is only one media in POSTECH that focuses on recording campus events on papers. The more students pass through POSTECH as undergraduates, graduates, faculties, and exchange students, the more alumni search for what has been in POSTECH. As an  example of myself, I sometimes search about memorable events in The Postech Times online when I want to remember those times. Like Choi Sun-sil Insident, records of The Postech Times could be a clue to solve future controversies.
I am not suggesting any sudden change. Storing information is not the only mission of the press; the press mainly reports events, analyzes them, and expresses various opinions. The only thing I hope is that reporters should be more proud of themselves as recorders and invest a  little more attention to check the facts and their relevance. Sometimes reporters become disappointed upon undistributed or recycled newspapers. However, cheer up! After many years, your newspaper will be the main record of students’ lives.