Postechian Column: Attention on Politics Is Needed
Postechian Column: Attention on Politics Is Needed
  • Yoon Tae-woong (PHYS 14)
  • 승인 2016.11.09 19:41
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On Oct. 25, President Park acknowledged that she had received advice on some of her speeches from her old friend who does not hold any official position. The advisor, Choi Soon-sil, a daughter of a cult leader, has been accused of interfering in almost all government affairs. She has received heavy coverage in the mass media the last few days, and many other corruptions associated with her have come into the open. As a citizen of this country, I felt anger at the current situation, but shame at the same time because I have not concerned myself with many political problems. I think my political apathy is partially responsible for enabling this severe problem.
In my personal opinion, the absence of discernment about information makes a barrier between people and politics. Unlike scientific facts, people cannot verify political issues by themselves, so they learn about them from the media via internet, television, radio, or newspaper. However, the press provides news from their individual perspective, which could be politically  biased. Moreover, there is too much incorrect information in the internet, and it spreads rapidly through Social Network Services (SNSs) and the internet community. To distinguish the correct information from the sea of total information is not easy for people who do not know the political context. Many people, then, are deceived easily by false information or biased news.
The barrier based on the lack of discernment makes people stay away from politics, but, frankly speaking, people could overcome the difficulty. Of course, no one is born with special political knowledge. As Postechians make an effort to study science, people (myself included) can try to find correct information by comparing many sources and use them to discern the political context. In addition, people can have a discussion about some political issues. It would improve thinking about political problems and help people form stronger political opinions. With consistent effort, people can develop their political knowledge and thinking even they were not previously concerned with political problems.
Politics are the activities to decide how to use resources and power for a society, and it is necessary to pay attention to the society that we affect and affected by. Postechians are likely to become leaders and influence society, so we should be politically aware. For now, we can vote after careful consideration and participate in various political activities. To prevent a national crisis like the current situation or deal with it, our attention is needed. We should try to keep our eyes on this state of affairs and be more attentive to political issues.