Remodeling the Campus; How It is Planned to Be Changed?
Remodeling the Campus; How It is Planned to Be Changed?
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2016.11.09 19:37
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This winter, facilities throughout campus, including Students’ Union, will be renovated. Postechians may have heard of rumors about Atlas Hall and Snack Bar remodeling. The Postech Times interviewed Facilities Management team to collect details about the work planned this winter and obtain information about other renovations being considered.
Among those renovations planned for this winter, the most attractive one might be the Atlas Hall remodeling in Students’ Union. Its remodeling is designed to emphasize its original usage; exhibition, club activity, and show performance. A beam projector and motorized screen will be installed at the one side. A mirror wall will also be installed. The other walls will be decorated to make it more suitable for exhibition. Its ceiling will be renovated to ‘exposed ceiling,’ which can be found in some cafés. The remodeling work is now in the design stage. The design work started in August and will finish in early December. Construction will be done during the winter vacation and probably finish before the spring semester begins. 
Two cafeterias in Jigok Community Center are also the target of renovation. Students Cafeteria is waiting for its first large-scale remodeling. Since POSTECH was established, this is the first remodeling that includes the kitchen. The Faculty Cafeteria will also be remodeled. Remodeling of Snack bar in Students’ Union is also in design phase, but can probably not be included in the budget until next winter vacation.
Voices of various Postechians are directly reflected into the remodeling design. Using POVIS board, Facilities Management team collected Postechians’ ideas. Representative organizations of Postechians like Faculty Senate and Undergraduate Association have also pronounced their opinions. In the case of Student Cafeteria remodeling, cafeteria staffs’ opinion are reflected in the kitchen design. Facilities will be arranged considering staffs’ trajectory. Atlas Hall remodeling design was mainly affected by students’ opinions, since the mostly students use Atlas Hall. Through the continuous conferences between Club Union and Student Club Association, the current design was obtained.
There are other remodeling projects planned in this winter. They are elevator installation in Students’ Union and kindergarten establishment at POSPLEX. The Elevator will probably be installed next to the Kyobo bookstore. The installation will be simultaneously conducted with Atlas Hall remodeling but the exact location of the elevator has not been confirmed.

*Images used above are still on its design and details could be changed