Celebrating Winners, the 15th POSTECH-KAIST Science War!
Celebrating Winners, the 15th POSTECH-KAIST Science War!
  • Reporter Park Min Young
  • 승인 2016.10.12 17:10
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On Oct. 4, The 15th Science War Announcement for ‘Disbanding Ceremony and Winning Celebration’ was held at Central Square, in front of Auditorium, from 6:30 p.m. This was a celebration for POSTECH’s victory of the 15th POSTECH-KAIST Science War held on Sep. 23 and 24. The last ceremony was in 2011, when POSTECH won the Science War lastly.
During the ceremony President Doh-Yeon Kim participated in it and made a short speech for celebrating POSTECH’s victory. He commented that POSTECH victory is a natural result and all Postechians including all squads and preparatory committee are qualified for tasting the joy of victory. Also, Professor Sang-min Jeon (CE), who is the dean of Admission and Student Affairs said that we should remember POSTECH achieved four consecutive victories before losing last four Science War. He also said this year’s victory can lead to POSTECH’s ten consecutive victories.
Meanwhile, 800 kg boiled pork, 300 fried chickens and drinks (beer etc.) were prepared for all Postechians and everyone in POSTECH can enjoy the ceremony. In this celebration, coaches of basketball, soccer and baseball team received appreciation plaques from President Doh-Yeon Kim. Also, CHEERO, POSTECH cheerleading group, delivered a short performance for celebrating and supporting POSTECH’s victory.

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