KAIST, Will It Be the Begging of Acknowledging the Difference?
KAIST, Will It Be the Begging of Acknowledging the Difference?
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2016.10.12 17:07
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In the POSTECH-KAIST Science War, informal competitions exist like Cyber war, dodge ball, badminton, and so forth. Among them, the competition by the quality of the video-clips of each side is recognized like a real competition. However, the video-clips from KAIST have been a controversial topic after the Science War.
Video-clip for the Science War from KAIST is made by the broadcast organization called Voice of KAIST (VOK). Among the videos they made in this festival, misogyny or prejudice about man were contained in a way that KAIST has more woman than POSTECH, which male Postechians should envy the fact. The video expressed woman as a monopolized product and also expressed man who loves man as odd.
POSTECH had a period for spontaneous campaign before that woman could understand the situation of man and vice versa. Through the campaign, Postechians had an opportunity to think about how different they are, and consider each other. Likewise, KAIST needs an opportunity to understand the differences.

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