POSTECH Reader’s Club, the Platform of Reading Leader
POSTECH Reader’s Club, the Platform of Reading Leader
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2016.10.12 17:06
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The library in POSTECH has tried to create reading environment, and encourage Postechians to read books. For that reason, a program, called Reading Postechian, was made, and from this semester, POSTECH Reader’s Club began. The club is consisted of all Postechians regardless who they are, which means everyone in POSTECH could join the club. Also, the club will be managed with the member of mentors and mentees.
The Postech Times interviewed one of the members of the club. Lee So-hyeon (CSE 14) said that she thought reading books is a solitary activity, reminding the content and appreciating it. Through a lecture about reading and discussing, she acknowledged that people thought very differently about the exactly same content. The experience encouraged her to join the club, and she looks forward to the activities of the club.
The club plan to read at least three books in a semester, and write a book review for each book. Through the activity, increase of creativity and logical thinking is expected.

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