2016 Autumn Study Abroad Fair
2016 Autumn Study Abroad Fair
  • Reporter Lee Sang-hui
  • 승인 2016.10.12 17:04
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On Sep. 27, 2016, study abroad fair was held at student union lobby. Purpose of the fair is to introduce outbound programs managed by International Relations Office, such as POSTECH Semester Exchange Program (PSEP) and Summer Session Program. The fair also provided an opportunity for Postechians to counsel with foreign exchange students from partner universities and with seniors who participated in PSEP.
Counselors consulted about some realistic ways of meeting requirements, for instance, English certification test and TOEFL Institutional Testing Program. GPA (in POSTECH), program application period, and scholarship offer was asked as well.
Furthermore, counselors explained features of diverse countries. For example, in case of US universities, educational expenses are generally high. In case of non-English speaking universities, students can take more courses when they know local language, and more credits can be transferred. Promotional materials of international partner universities were displayed and distributed.

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