Reporter Column: What is Leadership; from Working in Preparatory Committee
Reporter Column: What is Leadership; from Working in Preparatory Committee
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2016.10.12 17:01
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On June, this year, I joined POSTECH-KAIST Science War preparatory committee. I was the leader of the Supporters team which worked for supporters for POSTECH-KAIST Science War. This was the first time I worked for Science War, however; I was confident for this work as a team leader because I had some leading experiences in other groups like Gae-Geun-Sung, which is bicycle club in POSTECH. Meanwhile, I led an E-sports team of preparatory committee for Sunrise Festival in the last semester. That was another reason for being confident in leading a team in preparatory committee of POSTECH.
Supporters team consisted of nine members, which was most of the teams in preparatory committee, because it had the heaviest workload among all teams. Its work were related with managing supporters for Science War. It tried to help many Postechians to be supporters and made many events for them. For example, it prepared several cheering tools such as balloon sticks, vuvuzela, handkerchiefs and so on. Also, it prepared exchange program (bear party) between Postechians and KAIST supporters for night time of the science war.
Due to these huge workload, I thought that it is most important to distribute workload fairly. I wanted every member not to feel they should work more than other members. I always tried to distribute work fairly. If I made a member investigate what the most suitable company for cheering tools is, I gave a work like managing maze game server to one of other seven members. Also, I want to be a leader who can devote for taking hard and tiresome work. Even in Chuseok, I arranged supporters’ information through Excel and ordered many goods needed for event our members made, checking whether there were missing goods for events.
I and my members finished the science war successfully, however; our teams’ some work could not complete right time we had planned at the beginning. Also, some event lacked advertisement and few supporters participated in them. After the science war ended, I reflected on my ability to distribute and give work to members. I felt that I was short for some charisma as a leader and understanding each members’ ability.
Before preparing Science War as a team leader, I thought leader should be able to take all unpleasant and hard work for group members. However, I came to feel that leader had a charisma for giving hard work to members, in other world, leader can make the best use of his/her members’ ability. For this behavior, it is important for leader to understand which members can achieve some work. Good leadership is not always having heavy workload, devoting for members. Leader should know all members abilities and give them many work charismatically.