Chuseok International 2016 for International Students
Chuseok International 2016 for International Students
  • Reporter Park Geun-woo
  • 승인 2016.09.28 22:31
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On Sep. 9, 2016, Chuseok International 2016 was held at the Student Dining Hall, Jigok Community Center. According to the program coordinator, Kahon Hong in International Relations Office, the event was set up as a chance to experience Korean culture during the Korean traditional holiday Chuseok. This special occasion was designed for the international students who could not spend time with their relatives during the holiday season. As the director of the event called it, “an opportunity to learn more about Korea.”
Chuseok International 2016 started off with a brief introduction about Chuseok as a traditional Korean holiday. Afterwards, the attendees got to experience the festive dishes for Chuseok, such as songpyeon and assorted jeon. In addition, a corner was set up for hanbok, and the attendees were able to try them on with the lesson from an instructor as well. 
As stated by the program coordinator, events for the international students will be planned in the future, such as celebration for the Korean New Year, end of the year party, and picnics in May and October.