International Students Participating in POSTECH-KAIST Science War
International Students Participating in POSTECH-KAIST Science War
  • Reporter Kang Min-seok
  • 승인 2016.09.28 22:25
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This year’s POSTECH-KAIST Science War was held successfully despite the scale of event was reduced due to earthquake. The event was not only a battle between representative players of each university, but also a festival for every student of both universities.
Notable point about this year’s POSTECH-KAIST Science War was the participation of foreign students. Since the representative players started preparing for their match during summer vacation, time factor causes hardship for international students to participate as a representative. Unlike the festival held last semester, there were no booths, such as iPub, managed by international students. However, there was another way to participate in the event: applying for the POSTECH supporters.
 According to POSTECH-KAIST Science War Preparation Committee, “Variety” a total of 17 foreign students applied for supporters. International students who didn’t apply for supporters also enjoyed the event. A lot of foreign students participated actively from the eve, also receiving 100,000 KRW prize for DICE being the most participating group with 25 people in the eve ceremony.
 Sipahimalani Hugo (EE) and Nobert Sailer (CSE) also participated in the event, and Mr. Sailer responded interview about what he experienced in this year’s POSTECH-KAIST Science War after the closing ceremony.
Q. How long have you been in POSTECH?
It has been two weeks since I came to POSTECH. Mr. Hugo also has been two weeks since he came to POSTECH.
Q. What was the reason to apply for the POSTECH supporters.
There wasn’t a particular reason for applying for supporters, but I just wanted to check out the event, the culture and participate in it.
Q. What match did you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed the basketball match the most. The match was exciting and it was intense until the last moment. Actually, it was my first time watching a basketball match in my life.
Q. Are there any opinions or improvements that can be made about this year’s POSTECH-KAIST Science War?
In my opinion, there aren’t any crucial improvements that should be made. I think the event was pretty well-organized and enjoyable with various contents and programs. Most importantly, there is free beer!

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