POSTECH Founds Official Rowing Team
POSTECH Founds Official Rowing Team
  • Reporter Lee Sang-hui
  • 승인 2016.06.01 12:31
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On May 19, the opening ceremony for the POSTECH rowing team was held at POSCO International Center. Sporting director is Professor Man Ju Kim (CHEM) and coach is former national team member, Eun Yeong Park. The rowing team consists of 13 freshmen and 8 sophomores. Members applied for the team or were recruited during physical fitness class. Organizing the team was completed in Apr., but the final team selection will be made during summer vacation intensive training. Tryouts will take place during summer vacation or early in the second semester. The captain of the rowing team, Ha Jeong-ho (EE 16) was a rowing athlete of Lawrenceville School in New Jersey for a year and a half. In May, POSTECH rowing team is trained with rowing machine three times a week at the school gym. They will start practicing at Hyeongsan river in June, and participate in national championships held in Aug. and Sep.

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