Microfluid Controlling Technology Developed at POSTECH
Microfluid Controlling Technology Developed at POSTECH
  • Reporter Jeong Yoon-han
  • 승인 2016.05.04 17:08
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Professor Wan Kyun Chung (ME), Young Jin Heo (ME Ph.D.) and Junsu Kang (ME M.S.) invented a technology that allows people to control microfluid easily by using robotics. It is expected to be used in building subminiature biochips for cancer diagnosis, cellular response analysis, and so on. Such experiments require the exact amount of sample because even a small margin can cause a huge error.
To deal with such situations, the professor’s research team came up with a solution by interpreting control engineering in a new way. The team focused on how microfluids flow just like electric currents and came up with an algorithm that automatically revises errors and controls the flow. This technology was published in Scientific Reports and is expected to have a huge impact on the biochip industry.

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