3D Submarine Topography Made Possible by a Hovering-Type AUV
3D Submarine Topography Made Possible by a Hovering-Type AUV
  • Reporter Yun Seok-chan
  • 승인 2016.05.04 17:05
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Professor Son-cheol Yu (CiTE), Juhyun Pyo (Ph. D candidate, CiTE), and Hyunwoo Cho (research professor, CiTE) of POSTECH HERO (Hazardous Environment RObotics) Lab successfully developed an AUV named “Cyclops” for precise underwater imaging. Conventionally, there have been difficulties in creating high resolution videos underwater and minimizing the discrepancies in videos depending on the movement of the robot. In contrast, Cyclops can move in all 6 directions: front, back, right, left, up, and down by taking advantage of a propeller attached for locomotion at each direction. This allows Cyclops to move along the imaginary grid points underwater and shoot images that are tantamount to those taken on land. Thanks to Cyclops, it has become possible to obtain a high resolution 3D submarine topography and make a downsized version of the seabed environment by using 3D printers. This breakthrough is expected to create a new paradigm not only for seabed exploration but also geomorphometry, applicable to diverse fields including construction and military.

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