“Meal Alone”, You are NOT Alone!
“Meal Alone”, You are NOT Alone!
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2016.05.04 16:56
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The Postech Times conducted a poll about the actual condition of eating alone in POSTECH campus from Apr. 15 to Apr. 22. A total of 339 Postechians replied to the poll. The survey was composed of the questions about the frequency, reason, main place, and the adequacy evaluation (Yes/No) of POSTECH cafeterias for eating alone. One interesting aspect is that most Postechians eat alone, and it is no longer something shameful as often portrayed in media. According to the survey, about half of Postechians (46.0%) said they eat alone at least once a day, and two thirds of Postechians (64.6%) replied that they do not mind eating alone. It reflects the status of eating alone in POSTECH and shows it is not a sign of isolation or seclusion anymore. Also, the results show that the patterns of those who frequently eat alone differ significantly from those who seldom eat alone. The Postech Times defined these students as those who eat alone more at least 3 times a week, and carried out the poll partially separately.
Experienced solo eaters usually eat alone at “student cafeteria” the most (37.4%, 89 students), “dormitory” second (25.6%), “delivery meals” (16.0%), and so on. The others who seldom eat alone were eatting at their “dormitories” the most (41.6%, 42 students), “student cafeteria”, “delivery meals”, and “Burger King” showed similar rates (respectively 15.8%, 14.9%, 13.9%), and so on. The ratio at student cafeteria conspicuously smaller compared to the former result.
When inquired for the reason of eating alone, most respondents chose lack of time, partner, or money, or the convenience of eating alone. Regardless of how frequently people eat alone, the reasons for doing so were similar. The Postech Times included a question about the level of satisfaction of POSTECH cafeterias’ environment for eating alone in the survey. Almost 63% responded that they think POSTECH cafeterias have adequate environment for eating alone. More specific answers said that mostly they do not feel any uncomfortable while eating alone in POSTECH. People who replied that POSTECH cafeterias do not have adequate environment mainly gave an example of Snack Bar’s lunch time. Among the 100 students who replied “Unsatisfactory”, 48 students pointed out that the tables in Snack Bar are round-shaped and felt uncomfortable to sit in the large table during the busy afternoon. For question of asking any suggestions to cafeterias, 69 students left their messages, 24 students mentioned about the installation of small tables and several students suggested the launching of take-out food stores like “Babburger Store”.
POSTECH cafeterias could make incessant self-evaluations and get feedbacks from Postechians to make better conditions for every user in POSTECH. Those of us who eat alone are defintely not alone.