Students’ Valiant Movement, the Youngman Joint Behavior
Students’ Valiant Movement, the Youngman Joint Behavior
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2016.04.06 17:12
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4/13 General Election Day is now just over two weeks away. Whole country’s attention is focused on election. In the center of fierce competitions, there is solidarity between the university student unions, arguing the rights of university students – the Youngman Joint Behavior. Youngman Joint Behavior has two concrete goals. One is to deliver and appeal university students’ voice to the politics, and moreover, reflect those ideas to the election pledges of candidates. Secondly, raise young men’s vote rate and politics participation. This movement was first launched from Seoul National University (SNU) student union. POSTECH student union got a suggestion mail from SNU on Jan. 21, relevant discussions were conducted through student central management committee and then finally confirmed on Mar. 6, in student’s representatives general meeting. POSTECH joined the movement as the 10th university member.
POSTECH student union participated in Youngman Joint Behavior starting ceremony on Mar. 7. but decided not to actively participate in 2030 Electorate Movement conducted on Mar. 26. because they made a conclusion that the movement contained political bias. Instead, on Apr. 2, an open forum discussing about science & technology field’s major systematic issues was held in POSTECH, respective to joint behavior. The ideas came out from the forum will be collected with KAIST and delivered to politicians, representing the youth in the science & technology field. Due to the location and characteristic of science specialized university, the activity POSTECH student union has made is restricted yet. Student President Sang-su Kim (LIFE 13) said this joint behavior does not seem to disperse right after the election, and he hopes it would rather become a network between the Korean universities.   
Meanwhile, The Postech Times inquired President Doh-Yeon Kim the overall opinion about the joint behavior. He replied that he agrees with the fundamental idea of movement, but he hopes the movement may not be biased to a specific party, always being selfless to other people.
In nature, object keeps its motion without external “force”. Nothing on earth changes without any “motion”. It is a little bit regretful that there has been no POSTECH’s distinct suggestions during the movement, but participation itself also has a huge meaning. Not just as a temporary event, Youngman Joint Behavior might evolve as a regular institute representing the university students. Youngman Joint Behavior and its future move is arousing people’s attention.