POSTECH Underestimated In QS World University Ranks
POSTECH Underestimated In QS World University Ranks
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2016.04.06 17:06
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QS World university rankings according to each department were recently released. QS (Quacquarelli symonds) is a world university assessment organization in United Kingdom, which presents also QS world university rankings, QS Asian university rankings, etc. The rankings according to each department assessed 36 departments last year, but 42 departments this year.
Criteria of assessment are academic reputation, employer reputation, citations per paper, and H-index. H-index is measured by how many professors the university fosters and their influence around the world. Academic reputation and employer reputation are measured by a survey of world scholars consisting of about 76,798 people, and by a survey of the person in charge of personage of company about 44,426 people respectively. Professor’s activities are evaluated through a Scopus database.
POSTECH’s Material Sciences, ranked 38, was the only department to rank in the top 50. Although POSTECH's rankings have been lower than usual, the criteria are focused on how many people know POSTECH, so the assessment is not completely objective.

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