Ambition as a New Reporter
Ambition as a New Reporter
  • Reporter Lee Sang-hui
  • 승인 2016.04.06 17:03
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I am new reporter of The Postech Times! This article may be the first writing of mine as a new reporter. This fact makes my mind flutter. And I think this writing can help me when I lose my original intention.
I applied here to learn and discuss how to write good articles. Yet, I am not good at writing. I will ask plenty of questions to senior reporters, and my articles will be proofread many times. Then, I will modify them and write articles again. By this process, both my English skills and writing skills will be improved. I am not familiar with professional terms like copy-edit, revision, and draft, but I expect I will be used to these words a year later.
I had deep thinking about the purpose of newspaper. I have many ideas about new topics of articles, but these ideas must correspond with the way of the newspaper. It must correspond with the class of readers and category of news that The Postech Times mostly focuses on delivering. I believe the English newspaper has its own strong features in contrast with the Korean newspaper. I know only a few universities in Korea have an English newspaper. Thus, there must be a reason why POSTECH has an English paper. Acting as new reporter of The Postech Times, I will discover the English paper’s own features and strengths. I want to find and develop attractive points of the English newspaper.
I think I can contribute many ideas to The Postech Times. I am skilled in making new ideas and some of them could help selecting good topics of articles. In addition, I am good at viewing things overall so I can help arrange articles efficiently. Of course, many seniors and freshmen will discuss together and I will be one of them. I can forecast the sequence and time of reader’s eye and change the arrangement of articles. I think this ability can help people read English newspaper more. It cannot be said that I can adjust the contents of articles immediately because reporters should consider the purpose of the newspaper as I mentioned above. But through discussions with others, I believe I can help create a better newspaper.
In conclusion, I am very honored to be a new reporter of The Postech Times. I will learn hard with many questions in order to improve my ability. I can study with the other freshman reporters, too. New reporters can discuss things with each other and learn together. I met seniors in The Postech Timesjust a few days ago, but I feel I have a lot to learn from them. I expect I will become like my seniors a year later. I am looking forward to writing a good article.