Resolution as a Junior Reporter
Resolution as a Junior Reporter
  • Reporter Jeong Yoon-han
  • 승인 2016.04.06 17:03
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I have heard a lot about The Postech Times before I applied for it. One of the things I have heard is that the job requires a lot of time and this is one of the biggest reasons why I carefully considered whether to apply or not. I am looking forward to studying at graduate school, so I put my biggest value in getting good grades. Having to put a lot of effort into extra-curricular activities can end up affecting my grade, but I believe there is a lot for me to learn by doing this job. Also, since I have been granted to “work” for this school, I am happily willing to start my job as a junior reporter. These are my resolutions.
My first resolution is to get my job done in the correct way. Being a junior reporter is a lot different than I had expected. It is a lot more complicated than I thought and there are many things for me to learn. I have not got a clue on how the system works, so it is going to take a while to get used to the job. To get used to the system, I am planning to ask a lot of questions to my mentors and friends. Getting used to the system will give me more confidence, and I should be confident and ready before I begin writing my first article. Whether it was a joke or not, I do feel some pressure, but I hope people did not expect much from me. Even if I do have some experience on writing essay, the world of reporting is brand new.
My second resolution is to get people to read our newspaper. It pretty sad to know that not a lot of students read the English newspaper regularly. To be honest, even I have not read the whole thing. It would be cool if there was a survey result that either shows the percentage of readers or a list of reasons people do not read our newspaper. It is not going to feel good if the status quo continues even if the number of reporters is increased. Sadly, I do not have an idea to fix this problem, but I hope that it will come to my mind someday.
I am also willing to put my greatest effort into writing articles for the newspaper. My English is a little rusty right now because I haven’t used it much for a long time. To fix this problem, I have decided to study English by myself. I have thought about some way I could study on my own. Then I got this idea from the school’s intermediate audio-visual English class. I heard the class uses dramas like Modern Family to develop listening and speaking skills, so I have decided to listen to English for at least an hour every day. My plan is to try to listen to different types of speaking like dramas, talk shows, broadcasts, and so on. With this daily routine, I am confident my English will be back in place in no time.