Resolution as a Cub Reporter
Resolution as a Cub Reporter
  • Reporter Kang Min-seok
  • 승인 2016.04.06 16:59
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It is a true honor to be a new reporter of The Postech Times. There are other new reporters who have participated in making newspaper at high schools or who are exceptionally good at English. Unlike them, I am literally a newbie in the area of journalism. I have almost no experience related to journalism, and I am not that outstanding in English either. However, there are reasons why I applied for the recruitment, and goals I want to achieve as a reporter in The Postech Times.
Since my childhood, I have considered journalist as a job that has a responsibility and power to acquire, reform, and report information. Information can be delivered differently depending on the reporter, even if the information is the same. I want to use this power for readers of The Postech Times, and I am confident I can use it responsibly. I think my strength is a broad perspective about various issues, and I want to utilize my strength. I will endeavor to write articles that can touch readers’ heart, and give topics for readers to think about.
Some might consider educational purposes first, and others might put entertainment above any other things. Personally, I think news should be interesting enough to attract people, but not full of gossip. I want every article of The Postech Times to be read widely. Every reporter puts hard effort into writing articles and each reporter has their own color and thoughts. It would definitely be disappointing if our efforts were wasted, so I want our articles and thoughts to be read by people. I will do my best to write attractive articles with a unique topic, accurate information, and legible sentences. In addition, as each person has their interest and expertise, I will use my strength and knowledge to differentiate my articles from others. To achieve my goal, I will constantly put my effort into improving my overall skills. I will always try to not be stale about topics, but deliver appealing articles with accurate information. At the same time, I will polish my sentences through reading various English articles.
Most importantly, I will always keep this resolution in mind and work with passion. Being strict to oneself is the responsibility as a reporter. Moreover, I am being paid for it. Going back to basics will not be the right phrase for me; I will always try to keep those basics in mind. Lastly, I am ready to enjoy my life as a The Postech Times reporter.