Certificate Sent to Heaven: POSTECH Confers Honorary Certificate to Mr. Semin Jang
Certificate Sent to Heaven: POSTECH Confers Honorary Certificate to Mr. Semin Jang
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2016.03.24 13:47
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There is a boy who was born in Christian family, naturally accepted the doctrine of creation, and first noticed the theory of evolution by reading Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species. He voluntarily visited isolated seniors suffering from diseases, and determined to become a “nice scientist” who can cure those diseases. He got interested in life science and studied hard. He finally entered POSTECH, in the department of life science in 2012. He studied hard in POSTECH, but he also did numerous activities including bicycle club, cheerleading club, and school band. Unfortunately, during the first summer vacation, he was in a car accident while he was arriving home after private tutoring, and passed away.
POSTECH conferred an honorary certification of completion to the late Semin Jang (LIFE 12) on Feb. 19, with the 2015 Commencement Ceremony. The certificate was awarded with his classmates, following his father’s will. His advisory professor, Professor Kyong Tai Kim (LIFE), petitioned for his honorary conferment. Professor Kim said “His school life was short, but his sincere and diligent characteristic was so impressive. I assure that he could have made an achievement if he had continued his studies.”
Astonishingly, Semin’s younger brother Seyoon Jang also entered POSTECH last year. Seyoon Jang promised that he will become an engineer who practices his brother’s will, the “Nice Engineer”. Semin’s father, Byeong-gang Jang, mentioned that POSTECH is truly unforgettable memory and moment for his family. Mr. Jang used the whole condolence money for the “Semin Jang foundation”, and scholarship students were awarded by the fund. He has also donated to POSTECH for friends and seniors, juniors of his son. He has tried not to expose his donation, and mentioned, “This is not a great deal of money, but I wanted to provide a little support to my son’s classmates.”