World Mathematics School hosted by POSTECH
World Mathematics School hosted by POSTECH
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2016.03.24 13:38
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POSTECH and Pohang Mathematics Institute hosted Mathematic School for a week, from Jan. 16 to Jan. 22, in Gyeongju Hwabaek International Convention Center. Patronized by Ilju Academy and Culture Foundation, at Mathematic School, Korean and foreign post graduates, post doctorate researchers and professors debated freely about Number Theory and Banach Spaces and Related Topics. This time, Professor Miguel Martin who is researching on function analysis with Spanish research team at Granada University, Professor Raymon Ryan who is researching on Function Spa-ces and Related To-pics at Island Galaway National University, and 11 other profe-ssors introduced their current topics and discussed about relevant research questions. YunSung Choi, the Dean of Pohang Mathematics Institute said, “The enthusiastic debating about Function Analysis and Number Theory at Mathematic School became a meaningful exchange between researchers of different generations. Also, young Korean mathematicians will have a chance to compete on a global stage.”

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