The First MAKERS Contest Held in POSTECH
The First MAKERS Contest Held in POSTECH
  • Reporter Yun Seok-chan
  • 승인 2016.03.24 13:31
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MAKERS contest was held in POSTECH NINT (National Institute of Nanomaterials Technology) from Feb.20 to Feb.21 under the joint auspices of “Power On”, a robot making club in POSTECH and IDEA ALL, whose Gyeongsangbuk-do division is under supervision of POSTECH NINT. The word MAKERS refers to those who turn ideas into reality. First established this year, the MAKERS contest provides a place for designers, planners, developers and inventors from various age groups to communicate with each other and rejoice together. It is intended to inspire and support spontaneous communities consisting of these members and let the concept of “makers” take root in the region. In order to disseminate the contest’s moto that anyone can become a “maker” who makes dreams come true, the MAKERS contest will be held on a regular basis from now on annually. The contest holds significance in that it extended the concept and network of “makers” which used to be confined to urban areas to rural areas. The contest’s programs consisted of lectures by experts in pertaining fields, panel discussions, and “ideathon.” “Ideathon” is a combination of two words; idea and marathon. As the name implies, people were divided into teams and incessantly thought of ideas and made outputs from them for 20 hours without sleeping. Out of 19 teams that participated in the program, 6 were awarded prize money. Results from ideathon will be displayed to the public.