Doctor Ihm Jisoon Nominated as a POSTECH Distinguished Visiting Professor
Doctor Ihm Jisoon Nominated as a POSTECH Distinguished Visiting Professor
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2016.03.24 13:30
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Seoul National University (SNU) Chair Professor Ihm Jisoon, who has the reputation of ‘the most likely Korean candidate of Nobel Phy-sics Prize’, has met a new academic challenge. POSTECH announced that Prof. Ihm will be nominated as a POSTECH distinguished visi-ting professor from Mar. 1, 2016. Renowned as an authoritative scholar in the area of Electron Structures, Prof. Ihm graduated SNU, received doctorate degrees from UC Berkeley, conducted research at MIT and Bell Lab, and since 1986, has served as a SNU professor. Through Nature, Science and Physics Review Letters, he has published about 170 journal papers. Also, he was the first Korean inducted into the permanent member of the National Academy of Sciences in 2011, for his contributions to creating a new area called Material Physics through his thesis papers in 1979. Dr. Ihm has decided to move to POSTECH because of the research about hydrogen storage and possibility of business and academic cooperation in new areas. Professor Seong Keun Kim, the chair of Natural Sciences Department of SNU said, “Prof. Ihm will make a significant step in the history of Korean academia if he excels in his research at POSTECH”. Professor Moohyun Yoon, Head, Dept. of Physics at POSTECH said, “Scouting Prof. Ihm into our Physics Department will generate synergy effects in not only Physics but other research areas such as Material Science Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Furthermore, his research will contribute to the enhancement of Korean academia status.”

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