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Postechian Column
  • Kumar Sambhava (ME)
  • 승인 2016.03.24 13:28
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My First Impression to POSTECH
I was exhilarated as I stepped down from Bus No. 105 at the East Gate of the haloed institution. Studying in a world class institute, in a country with a culture starkly different from that of India, interacting with people belonging to several continents, working in labs with cutting edge research technology, enjoying a new cuisine, attending lectures delivered by professors who are leaders in their field and a gazillion other thoughts raced through my mind. Walking towards Dorm 16, better known as DICE, I was skeptical about how these 4 months would work out. I was warmly greeted by my buddy who showed me around.
In the orientation, I remember meeting people who would soon be friends: from China to Brazil, from Germany to Philippines, we truly encompassed the gamut of territorial diversity. It was a ferry wheel ride. I could not thank the International Relations team of POSTECH enough, especially Miss Misol, Miss Jiwon and Mr. Kiljong. They did everything possible to make my transition into Korea and POSTECH smooth. They even took us to Gyeongju and had us taste the depth and grandeur of Korean history. This influenced my decision to learn the Korean language, which will help me in my endeavor of exploring the rich art, history and culture of Korea.
I was slightly disappointed after my first class. I had expected POSTECH to be a English speaking University. But I was greeted by a professor speaking in Korean for the first few minutes of his lecture. However, on noticing that I was a foreign student, he politely shifted to English. I also feel slightly left out in the informal chats in class, the medium for which is mostly Korean. Despite this, the warmth which I feel around my co-students, more than makes up for these small discomforts. I was also surprised and awed by the sincerity and dedication of the students in the University. It inspires me to see students work so relentlessly and passionately. It is definitely a quality I will take back to India.
I also enjoy participating in the activities at my dorm. We have regular interaction though the various events organized by the residents. To say the least, I have grown to be an individual with a broader perspective on different nations of the world and their cultures. I hope my stay at this University remains as beautiful as it is. I am really thankful to Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India and POSTECH for enabling undergraduate students to have such a rich experience in life.