Chung Un Chan Lectured at POSTECH
Chung Un Chan Lectured at POSTECH
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2016.03.09 19:32
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On Jan. 11, POSTECH invited Chung Un Chan, who serves as the chief director of the Korea Institute of Shared Growth (KISG). He was the 40th prime minister of South Korea and the 23 president of Seoul National University (SNU). After he served as a professor of SNU, he has gained public confidence as an economist and a politician.
The lecture was in the council chamber of POSCO International Center. The topic was ‘Shared growth of Korean economy, and the reunification of North and South Korea’. Based on macroeconomic analysis, he presented a new paradigm through shared growth and explained the innovation of education, society and politics. Also, he explained his opinion and vision about reunification, focusing on shared growth of North and South Korea.

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