POSTECH Recognized Among Best Universities in the World
POSTECH Recognized Among Best Universities in the World
  • Reporter Jo Han-seong
  • 승인 2016.03.09 19:30
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A team of Professor Kilwon Cho (CE), Dr. Lee, Jaewon (CE), and Dr. Ranbir Singh (CE) developed a new organic semiconducting unimolecular material that can replace fullerene derivatives and successfully created an organic solar cell using this new material. This was published as the cover paper in the latest issue of Advanced Materials, one of the most authoritative journals in the field of material science. Fullerene’s high conductivity made it widely used in organic solar cells, but its ball-shaped structure contains drawbacks to be mass produced because of its high production cost and low oxidation stability. Compared to fullerene, the new semiconductor is made out of a relatively cheap material called perylenediimide. It has a much lower production cost and drastically higher oxidation stability. Moreover, its three-dimensional structure allows it to have a high charge transfer rate and higher light absorbability in the ultraviolet zone.