The Previous Editor in Chief Column
The Previous Editor in Chief Column
  • Choi Na-youn (CE 13)
  • 승인 2016.03.09 19:26
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The Number is Not What is the Most Important
Nowadays, it is common to hear that diverse experiences are necessary to be creative, followed by traveling to new places. In new surroundings, people expect to be able to do absolutely different than they have done before and say it is not easy to belong to just one organization for a long time. This is also what I thought when I was a sophomore.
I spent three years in POSTECH working for one organization, The Postech Times. When I was a sophomore, I wanted to challenge myself. I joined a new club to meet different people and change myself. In fact, I joined the club because of my roommate. I expected to make the same relationships she did, which was not realized because I did not realize my roommate and I are different. Her character and the personalities of those in the club were different from those of mine, which is the reason why I could not remain in the club as long as they did. After that I did some activities in another club the next semester, but I was not as active as I was in The Postech Times.
To write this article, I took a time to think about the main factor that determined the amount of time I spent in each club. Needless to say, it was myself! Whatever I belonged to, I always tried to find the same character in each people. Also, the tendency of each club was always quite different from what I expected, which means I always tried to adjust the club to me. Furthermore, I had a number of goals for each club, which made me so confused to adjust to there. The more goals you have, the easier it is to lose your way to achieve all of them. Whenever you do something and whatever you do, the most important thing is having a concrete goal.
The Postech Times was the first club I entered in POSTECH, and I just had one goal here. It was just continuing writing in English because I also worked for English newspaper of my high school. And I did more work in The Postech Times than all the work I did in other clubs combined. I met many sincere friends and good interviewees. I became more skilled at investigating references, writing articles, selecting pictures and titles, and interviewing in and out of school for the past three years. While I was just rushing to my goal, the other benefits followed additionally. If I had expected too much, I could not have learned so many things that I enjoyed.
Therefore, I think the most important is that you have ‘your goal’ in each organization. How many teams you belong to is not important. This cannot tell you what type of person you are. If you try to achieve your goal, you can be creative even in one organization as much as you want. Have a goal and enjoy it! At last, I want to tell the people who worked with me. Thank you! Good luck to everyone.