Experience, the Navigator
Experience, the Navigator
  • Jin-woo Oh (IME 12)
  • 승인 2016.02.19 18:08
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Whenever I summarize my life as an undergraduate, I always use the term 'free' and 'diverse'. Rather than achieving a high GPA, I have tried to go outside and experience as many things as I can. Thanks to those so-called extra-curricular activities I've done so far, I'm here to write about what I've done in my past 4 years.
Since I'm not a special person, I was clumsy at entering competitions. Until my sophomore year, I tried and failed repeatedly. Failing in those competitions could have depressed me, but I thought failure was natural, as numerous brilliant people were participating there with me. Hence, I could encourage myself to give it a try.
Since my junior,  I have fortunately managed to be selected as a candidate for winner and have even received some awards. One of the most spectacular but non-prized activities was a competition held by Samsung; it was called Tomorrow Solutions. In this competition, we participants highlighted a prevalent problem in our society and made a product/service that can contribute to the development of an 'even better tomorrow'. Experience at this competition made me stronger. It taught me a broader perspective and how to lead a team well.
With an idea that would help old people from unexpected situations, our team  was selected from  100 teams and finally nominated among the top 40, the finalists. However, since there were many competitors, there was long way to go. Including prototype development, there were many things to do. As a team leader, I tried to be involved in every process and do as much as I could.
However, that became a huge load to me, and it overwhelmed me. Finally, all the pressure caused me to give up on it. I failed to receive a prize.  I learned that I should have distributed my work to other members well.
Lessons I learned from it have taught me the overall development process of things. I love the process I've done, and it didn't take long to realize that it was a general process which start-up companies do. In that way, start-up came to me as a very attractive thing I can do.
From that point on, I started to be involved in the start-up industry. In fact, people around me suggested me to work with them, but since none of them moved me, I wasn’t involved in any companies deeply. Rather, I started to look for something that makes my heart beat.
Fortunately, I found one idea last year, and I have been going through every step thoroughly. Maybe such process can be delayed because of graduate school entrance, but at the end, I'll do what I thought.
All these were possible thanks to various and numerous activities I've done. All these experiences helped me find what I want to do. Thank you POSTECH for letting me do various activities.