Review: the 89 issue
Review: the 89 issue
  • Chanhoo Park (CE 15)
  • 승인 2016.02.19 18:07
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“The Postech Times’ Friendly Journalism”
I’m embarrassed to say it but I’d been very careless about reading news. I didn’t know the importance of reading it. Well, to be frank, I wasn’t interested in knowing nerve-wracking issues and tried to believe that they are not related to me. However, The Postech Times, piled next to the RC elevator all the time, brought me a positive gentle change. While waiting for the elevators to come, I found myself enjoying looking through The Postech Times. At first, I quickly had a glance at the photos just to find someone I know. However, as days went by I started to read it more carefully and more deeply. I found it interesting that members of POSTECH are actually forming journalism with students’ point of view. They write about our campus, politics, and cultural and social issues. I started to think that I actually have to take interest in the issues around me.
For someone like me, The Postech Times is a nice link to the social matters. It kindly introduces me to the world’s issues, explaining from the bottom to the top. For example, the article from the latest paper ‘IS, Where Does Their Brutality Come from?’ tells you about IS. I knew what IS has done but I didn’t know much about who they are. The article told me about the denominations of Islam, especially Sunnah and Shia, and taught me why they are having conflicts. Another article ‘Korea-China FTA: Will it be a favorable tide?’ explained me why people are having different opinions on Korea-China FTA. I learned what is FTA and its history. Learning and knowing from the articles really satisfied my curiosity. Now I care much more about what’s going on in the world and there’s no doubt that The Postech Times had a strong influence on me.
I don’t mean that The Postech Times is perfect. I’m a member of PBS, Postech Broadcasting System, and I’ve often had a chance to think about journalism for the members of Postech. As the biggest and the most influential public media in POSTECH, the Postech Times should also agonize about the efficient ways to deliver news. The era of digital journalism has come. Smart phones broke the boundary and limit of journalism and young people are no longer reading paper news. Major presses are worrying about paper news losing its power as a media. The Postech Times should work harder on online matters, something like a Facebook page, social blog, or mobile interactive articles so that their nice articles reach more people.
I really thank The Postech Times for writing fascinating news, and I wish the new members of the newspaper, who were introduced in the latest newspaper, good luck!