Proud Members of POSTECH!
Proud Members of POSTECH!
  • Gwon Hyeok Sang
  • 승인 2016.01.01 00:01
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The New Year has finally dawned. I hope the powerful energy from Yeongil Bay spreads out on the POSTECH campus to encourage Postechians to try harder in their duties and work for better future.
Founded in 1986, our university is 30 years old. 2015 was the so-called 'ahhopsu', which means the years ending in 9, a time to be careful regarding cultural sentiment in the country. The number 9 means the end of time when we are preparing for a new start. Actually, POSTECH underwent many difficulties including scale of researches, finance, university rankings, and other statistics, which did not achieve high ranks, and conflict and discord between members. However, the fact that 9 comes before 10 warns that reaching 10 is not easy. An easygoing attitude can result in mistakes and huge damages. Our staff ought to be thankful for every moment and focus on harmonious communication between members to make the university among the world's best once again.
Furthermore, the 2015 Fall semester was opened with the inaugural address by President Doh-Yeon Kim "I will do my best to make POSTECH more competitive and the best university in Korea with contribution to the development of Pohang", and with the activities of the 7th workplace council members who have mottos like 'making mutual trust in the organization and good workplace to work'. Although it is hard to realize the founding ideology of Tae-joon Park and Hogil Kim immediately, effort to achieve the ideology will still continue this year. We will work toward this hand in hand.
The real success of POSTECH is not just to achieve and complete a single goal, but to merge the successes of all of 4800 members, resulting in even greater success. I really hope the opening ceremony of the 30th anniversary in December 2016 will be full of celebrating each other's success and encouraging one another. Postechians have a bright future. We should move past the difficulties and concerns of last year, be grateful for the opportunity to start fresh, and inspire one another to do become the best.