How They Lead POSTECH
How They Lead POSTECH
  • Reporter Park Min-young
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From Nov. 9-10, representatives of the Undergraduate Association (UA), and Female Undergraduate Association (FUA) were elected. The 30th leaders of UA are Kim Sang Su (LIFE 13) and Shin Yong Won (CSE 13). The 28th leaders of FUA are Kim Ha Eun (EE 14) and Kang Min Ji (CHEM 15). They presented their plans for next term in office.

Plans of UA
The 30th UA presented many plans for next term and they are separated into 3 main topics: communication, welfare and business.
First, the new UA will try to improve communication between the UA and Postechians. Like its name ‘Cider’, it aims for active and cool communication. The UA will actively gather opinions of Postechians through 'Ask' and open chatting through Kakao Talk. It will also use offline ways. It will use a system called 'Bora', which means to see information about the UA’s works in Korean. Until now, this system has been used to post simple information once a month. However, the 30th UA plans to change its term from once a month to every 2 weeks and widen the range of information about the UA’s businesses that Postechians want to know. The UA will also make a contest to come up with solutions for many issues. When important issues occur, it will gather great ideas not only inside the UA, but also outside it, through this contest. It will also gather ideas through a survey. The UA will also upgrade the 'opening conversation meeting', where students hear the UA’s activities and plans and criticize them. The new UA will announce the date in advance so that many Postechians can attend and provide feedback. Also, it will open additional events for students to communicate with members of POSTECH, including sending mail to professors or meeting with President Doh-Yeon Kim.
Second, the 30th UA improves students’ welfare. It plans to set up a sign in the taxi station of Pohang KTX station. Because there is no bus which connects Pohang KTX station and POSTECH, Postechians who use KTX should take a taxi and it cost about 10,000 KRW. However, when 4 Postechians gather to go to POSTECH in front of the sign, they can take a taxi together and decrease their traffic cost. For this, UA will try to communicate with taxi companies, Pohang City Hall, and KORAIL. Besides, the UA plans to introduce contests, internships, and scholarships periodically. It will announce this to every Postechian through ‘Bora’.
Moreover, it has a plan for freshmen. When freshmen firstly enter POSTECH, they need to use some microsoft programs like PPT, Excel and Photoshop, but they only have to learn these by trial and error. For them, the UA plans to make some lectures for learning those. Inviting guest speakers or using experts inside the university are good ways to implement this policy.
Third, the new UA is making new business plans. Because POSTECH is research-oriented, it plans to make a website to introduce research of major universities. Using that website, it is expected for Postechians to find research topics and papers they want to read very easily. Starting in the spring semester, the website will be tested in POSTECH until summer vacation and connected with another universities’ UA and laboratories next fall semester.
The new UA also has plans to voice students’ opinions to the university. It will collect information about other UA’s right and institutional strategies within the next semester and reflect it in communication with the universities from the fall semester. The leaders also plan to share information on careers and events in Pohang.

Plans of FUA
The FUA leadership chose the name ‘WING’, which means ‘We are Interacting N (and) Growing’. Its plans are also separated into 3 topics: communication, welfare, and expanding career path.
In order to communicate with female Postechians, the FUA plans to improve event ‘Female’s Night’. It has been conducted as lectures but few people participated in it. So FUA will try to make programs so interesting that many female students can participate in, and promote them actively. Also, it will use the specific Facebook page for female students in addition to official Facebook page and webmail to gather female’s opinions.
Second, to improve female welfare, it plans to activate sports for female students. In POSTECH, there are few opportunities for female students to play sports or exercise, so the last FUA made some sports programs for females and their participation was high. The 28th FUA will further develop this. Also, it will promote the escort program very actively. For females' safety, FUA plans to provide exact instructions of this program.
Lastly, to help female students plan and prepare their career path, the FUA will activate female mentoring lecture and conduct career education for female undergraduate students.