Review: The Postech Times 87th issue
Review: The Postech Times 87th issue
  • Hanul Kim (CE 13)
  • 승인 2015.12.02 21:13
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I Advertise The Postech Times!
Reading these articles, I was reminded that it has been a long time since I had read this news’ paper. Because most people are used to reading online articles, I could see many newspapers left at the booth. I picked one of them up and started reading it.
First of all, The Postech Times has interesting articles. Before I seriously read all the articles, I did not know such many subjects are covered. Especially the article about students’ monthly allowance and expenditure was closely related with my daily curiosity. Also the start-up article was very informative. The figure in the article was constructive, so it was easy to understand the in-campus start-up system.
Second, the English part of The Postech Times is not a translated version of the Korean one. This was my first time to read the English part of the newspaper. I had thought the contents were identical between Korean and English parts. In fact, with the exception of a few articles, each part contains completely different materials. Since most Postechians are able to read in English, we should peruse all pages, not just the pages in Korean.
Third, The Postech Times is open for all students and professors. Student reporters write most of the articles, but I could read some articles written by professors. Even though POSTECH is a university of science and technology, it has the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. Postechians do not have many opportunities to explore those areas except in non-major courses. The articles by professors of humanities and social sciences can awake our social senses. Also our science and engineer professors’ articles show us their personal opinion and view. In their lecture, all of professors’ words are about math, science, and technology. If you want to be more familiar with professors, why don’t you look at their articles in The Postech Times?
Last, “The Postech times” is our friends’ additional monthly assignment. I could find many articles written by one reporter. I do not even want to imagine how busy they are. Whatever I imagine, it must be much more. One of my friends is editor and I really respect her. I know her tasks contain not only writing articles but arranging articles, requesting permission to share information, searching for pictures, and countless other things. Considering these tasks and their ordinary assignments, reading The Postech Times is the same as applauding a student club’s performance. Once you read this, you may catch my point.
After writing my opinion, I realize this became kind of an ad for The Postech Times. But this is what I really felt. I hope many people catch the point of what I am saying and also the reporters continue to discover interesting and valuable information. Thank you for inviting me to the world of the newspaper. I want to see you again in the next issue.