Regulation, Present Condition about a Double Major of POSTECH
Regulation, Present Condition about a Double Major of POSTECH
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
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Recently, for various specializations of major, Korean university students try to get a double major. A portion of Postechians also try to get a double major even though getting the double major is very challenging: managing assignments and schedules for two majors is difficult. The Postech Times investigated the number of credits that must be earned for a double major and the number of students who graduate with a double major interviewing students pursuing a double major.
Firstly, the qualification for the double major in POSTECH is separated into two sections based on the number of credits completed in the major department. If 35 credits have been earned in the major department, students only need to complete all required subjects. If not, he/her should complete all the required subjects and also optional subjects for added sum of 35. The departments of physics, chemistry, life science, mechanical engineering, computer science and engineering and electronical engineering satisfy the first case, and the departments of the others satisfy the second case. More specific conditions for the double major in POSTECH are in the Guide Book on the page 307. (A Guide Book can be found at
The first double major of POSTECH was earned in 1996. Afterwards, the number of students graduating with double majors increased. The highest number was in 2009. Postechians think that students of the department of IME mostly complete a double major because it admits the required subject of the other department as its elective courses. However, students of the department of mathematics and CSE complete the double major without this convenience. From 1996, 102 students of the department of mathematic and 88 students of the department of CSE completed a double major.
Now, several students still try to get a double major. The Postech Times interviewed them about the double major because it is unusual. Firstly, the reason for a double major is to achieve their dreams. A student who is studying ME and IME started with the question of how he can use mechanical engineering. He finally chose IME for the application to industry system. A student studying IME and MSE started it to become an enterpriser who has her own technic that only she can handle. As it is apparent in these examples, they have specific goals.
However, the process is not easy. As they should complete two majors, they feel hard to learn as time is limited and also subjects of each department can be overlapped. Most of them complain about the limited lecture offerings in summer and winter vacation; required courses, elective courses, and refinement courses are not opened.
In the case of a student studying physics and chemistry, since both majors have experiment requirements, the student has difficulty completing lab reports. The students plan to graduate university in 8 semesters, which means they should complete at least 18 credits every semester.
In spite of the difficulties, they encourage Postechians to have confidence to challenge their dream, not just for getting a double major; it can be poison if pursued without a specific purpose.