K-MOOC, Including top 3 Science and Engineering Universities in Korea
K-MOOC, Including top 3 Science and Engineering Universities in Korea
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2015.11.04 16:14
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POSTECH, SNU, and KAIST made an agreement to cooperate in developing science and technology contents in domestic MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) on Oct. 14 in SNU. Professors from each university announced that they will help each other produce contents of primary subjects for science and technology including physics, chemistry, life science, chemical engineering, and material engineering by next summer. They decided to share the contents with all students who want, even with high school students. Also, they decided to develop the education model based on the K-MOOC contents and share it with other universities in Korea.
For the first year, the leaders of each university, including presidents and chairs of several science departments, will make the contents and give lectures directly. President Kim said, “The contents of K-MOOC will contribute to enhancing the abilities of college students a lot because it is based on professionality and the fruitful experience of professors from Korea’s top 3 universities. The result will also be a stimulant to other domestic universities.”
K-MOOC is expected to help professors try flipped-learning, and develop competent people for national science technology, and to make science education more accessible to the public.