Apparatus and Gymnasium Regular Check
Apparatus and Gymnasium Regular Check
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2015.11.04 16:04
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Firstly, regular checks, including fixing and cleaning of washing machine, are entirely up to the Dorm Union. Rental washing machines, which are located in dormitory number 16, 19, 21 and women’s dormitory number 1, are checked twice per month. The free washing machines in the other dormitories are not checked regularly. However, when free washing machines cause serious problems, POSTECH replaces them with rental washing machines as a policy. When a dormitory is remodeled, POSTECH buys a new washing machine for every floor. Most problems the Dorm Union has checked were related to free washing machines: timer malfunction, not starting or stopping mid cycle, etc. 
Secondly, maintenance of the printer in the 21st dormitory is the responsibility of the RA (residential assistant). The most common problem with the printer  is the shortage of paper. To prevent that, the RA checks every day, but prospecting how much paper will be used is difficult. Paper jams are another common problem.
Finally, the main problem caused in the gymnasium is broken equipment in the weight room. Maintenance is dependent on the feedback of users who use the facilities. When a problem is reported, the administrator of the gymnasium repairs the apparatus. Moreover, gymnasium has own expendables for fixing the equipments . If necessary, the administration calls the technicians of the manufacturer.
Actually, POSTECH not only maintains the machines or apparatuses of the gymnasium, but also keeps the public goods pleasant. The team facilities management maintains and fixes public goods whenever students report a problem. They try to solve reported problems within 48 hours. Like these ways, POSTECH tries to make environment the best and satisfy for Postechians.