Review: The Postech Times 85th issue
Review: The Postech Times 85th issue
  • Jeon Ha-eun (IME 15)
  • 승인 2015.10.07 20:18
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The Postech Times? Postechians’ Digest!
   To start with, I would like to say that I am honored to have a chance to suggest my personal opinions in The Postech Times, POSTECH’s representative English newspaper. As I do so, I would like to offer some feedback with honesty.
   I liked how the contents of the newspaper in overall are focused on POSTECH-KAIST Science War. As it is probably one of the biggest annual festivals held both in POSTECH and KAIST, it is an important job for reporters and editors to let people know about the existence of the festival, and furthermore, any interesting information about the festival that the students might have missed. I personally think that putting an article and picture about Science War on the first page, The Postech Times did a perfect job. However, it could have been better; the length of the main article was adequate, but the main article seemed to be isolated in terms of contents. Right after the main article about the Science War, there was a sudden change in topics, making the main article look rather isolated. For this, I think it would be a good idea to make a link between the main article (in this case, Science War) and other sub articles about the same topic in Campus or Culture realms.
   Through this, I think readers will be able to maintain reading momentum that they gained from reading the first article. This is just minor information, but I have heard that the name of the university where the festival is held comes last, so in this case, it should be POSTECH-KAIST Science War. I think while writing the article about Science War, it would be good to tell readers about this information.
I think it is an unprecedented honor for POSTECH gaining sixth position for thesis citation. This proves that POSTECH produces reliable theses and how POSTECH has secured its position on the international scale of academia. As it is something that students should be proud of, it might have been better to focus more on this topic.
   The News section seemed to be dealing with successful research. I think it is good that The Postech Times puts this amount of news on research as it is a university specialized in science and engineering, but as a freshmen, it was pretty hard to understand the contents in general. I guess this is due to my lack of science terms, but I would like to say that not all readers who read The Postech Times are necessarily university students. Therefore, I think it would be good to put some scientific word definition next or below the article, so that readers can keep up with the newspaper contents.