Global Learning is the Key to Futuristic Leader
Global Learning is the Key to Futuristic Leader
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2015.10.07 20:14
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   At POSTECH, global learning programs are under operation, but mostly concentrated on several departments, such as CSE and CiTE. The CiTE has a reputation in POSTECH for providing their students an opportunity to study abroad for a short period. The purpose of the program is to combine foreign universities’ strengths in studies of humanities and POSTECH’s IT skills. The students are expected to develop open-minded values and a higher degree of understanding of foreign cultures. CiTE has been continuing this program since 2012, starting with State University of New York at Stony Brooks (SBU). In 2014, UC Berkeley was included, and this year, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) entered the exchange program as well. They mainly study fundamental sciences, liberal arts, and sociology during six months. The grades they acquire in universities abroad are also acknowledged as official grades in POSTECH, removing any concerns of those students worried about losing time to earn credits at POSTECH.
   CSE is another department that has recently shown interest in providing their students opportunities to experience the outside world, through 2015 Global Leadership Program that was held on Jul. 4-13. Under Professors Jang-Woo Kim and Won-Ki Hong’s guardianship, 12 students from CSE visited Silicon Valley, Pasadena, and LA. They completed field studying on major & rising companies that are leading Silicon Valley, research companies, and discussions and lectures on investment companies related to venture businesses. Lastly, they visited major universities and museums. Also, at the end of the program, students watched videos created by their seniors about Computer Science Engineering’s futuristic jobs.
   Other departments are also running some minor global learning programs. For example, the PHYS is running international exchange programs at Max Planck Laboratory, acknowledging grades gained by the students autonomously during the program. The LIFE is running training programs on BK plus ventures for post graduate students, and the IME has recently sent three post graduate students abroad to undergo collaborative research projects.