Postechians Not Satisfied with the Internet
Postechians Not Satisfied with the Internet
  • Reporter Jo Han-seong
  • 승인 2015.10.07 20:13
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Recently, the Internet speed has been a big issue among Postechians. The Internet policy has changed and some Postechians made complaints. The Internet quality is crucial for Postechians’ research, communication, and daily lives. To investigate the specific satisfaction with the Internet network, The Postech Times conducted a survey on the satisfaction with the Internet network and interviewed the Information Technology Services Team to know about the specifications and the policy of the network.
The first question was to rate the overall satisfaction with the network when doing daily-life tasks. Respondents were to choose from five choices. Of the 493 respondents, 21 respondents (4.3%) were highly satisfied, 103 (20.9%) were satisfied, 129 (26.2%) were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, 144 (29.3%) were dissatisfied, and 95 (19.3%) were highly dissatisfied.
The second question was to rate the overall satisfaction with the network when uploading or downloading large files. Among the 493 Postechians who answered, 16 respondents (3.3%) were highly satisfied, 67 (13.6%) were satisfied, 106 (21.5%) were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, 149 (30.3%) were dissatisfied, and 154 (31.3%) were highly dissatisfied.
The third question was to rate how frequently they experienced cracks or congestions of the Internet. Of the 493 respondents, 189 respondents (38.4%) very often experienced cracks or congestions, 164 (33.3%) often experienced them, 108 (22.0%) sometimes experienced them, 29 (5.9%) rarely experienced them, and only 2 (0.4%) have not experienced them completely.
The last question was to report any inconveniences when using the network. Some respondents reported that the quality of the Internet differs from building to building and the network sometimes becomes unserviceable in rush hours. Also, lots of respondents stated that there are more problems with the wireless network than the wired network. Moreover, respondents pointed out that the stability of the network is a bigger problem than the speed. Some respondents even stated that they are having problems with their research because of the frequently occurring cracks.
Currently, two lines are being operated in the school building area, one is for common use and the other is for research, bandwidth of 1Gbps each. In the residential area, only one line for common use of bandwidth of 1Gbps is being operated. To control traffic, priorities are being set when accessing the Internet, and P2P traffic bandwidth is restricted. Policy decisions are made after consultation with the Student Union. Furthermore, as a measure to solve consistent bandwidth issues caused by increase of use of rich media such as videos, the policy to restrict excessive traffic personal use will be promulgated and bandwidth will be extended before being exceeded. Additionally,  the team is considering to implement the web caching technology and prepare for the increasing number of wireless equipment.