Column: The Four-Year Transformation
Column: The Four-Year Transformation
  • Ravi Bollina
  • 승인 2015.09.23 13:04
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Each one of us is the sum of all of our life experiences put together. This world and life are dynamic. Everything exists in a state of flux. Our experiences keep on adding up as we move through life. You are young (relatively speaking), dynamic and have impressionable minds, embarking on this journey of life. These four years at POSTECH will be your  “transformative” years. Most of us who have been through the university phase of life would agree about the “transformation process” and relish the nostalgia associated with the university years. Some of us would say,  “Those were the best years of our lives” when we meet at Alumni meets. So how can you make the best of these years at POSTECH?
These years are where you are free to dream and transform yourself and the society at the large.  Let me narrate a small incident from my days at POSTECH. On one weekend I went to the museum of Art in Busan, and saw a painting of Seorak Mountains by Kim Yung Zai. I instantly fell in love with Seorak. Finally on April 30, members of M3S in the department of mechanical engineering made a trip to Seorak Mountain. The weather was perfect, and we decided to do the UlsanBawi trek.  At the initial moments of the hike, excitement was great, and we were talking and walking along the trail. As time went by the trail became steep and the conversation also trickled out. Tiredness seeped into our legs and we were dragging ourselves up the mountain. It was hot and we were now on face of the rock and wondering

"Why are we doing this tough hike when there were easy ones?"

Well those thoughts gave way to hunger and anxiety. Slowly but steadily, my mind focused on reaching the top in one piece. The hike gave me time to think, and focus on the task at hand, walking each step carefully to reach the top. Finally, like what seemed like forever, we reached the top. There was a moment of tremendous joy and exhilarating feeling of achievement. We all plopped down, for a magnificent view of the valley and once again started our happy conversations. The valley was mesmerizing with the lush green trees in the beautiful spring weather. We ate the Bibimbap we had packed, and after spending some time admiring the beauty of the mountains, we decided to head back down. We all shared our memories, and ate some delicious Korean food at Seorak to celebrate the hike. I have been on hikes in many parts of the world, although all of them were thoroughly enjoyable, this hike to Seorak was special.
"Just like hiking a mountain, Life also presents its challenges to each one of us."

Our challenges might be different, approaches might be different but we should always remember to be strong and fearless within. It is important for you with young minds to challenge yourself in all spheres. It is this very state of flux during the university years that presents opportunities and allows for innovation – that allows us to be creative. Thus, drop the pre-conceived notions and be open to new ideas, thoughts, cultures and adventures. Try something you have not done before. Listen to others who have a different point of view and try to understand their view. Make new friends, learn new languages, play new sports and travel to new places. Time is a limited commodity. Manage your time well, balance class work with overall development of the mind, body and spirit. Listen to music, sing, dance and enjoy arts, it all part of a well-rounded education.
I find that Korean society teaches respect and honor for not only elders but also each human being. The Korean family values are the true strength of this nation. If I look at the growth of Korea as a country and society, it is a remarkable achievement to grow from a war torn nation to an industrialized and thriving economy in such a short period of time. The vision of POSTECH is aiming high, dreaming dreams and working with passion and integrity. Honesty and respect for others ensure Postechians an honorable future. These same visions have led Korea to be a global leader in many fields today.
I believe all of you Postechians have the vision, work ethic and potential to become global leaders.
Finally in the words of my spiritual master Swami Vivekanada: “The Earth is enjoyed by Heroes- this is the unfailing truth. Be a hero, always say, ‘ I have no fear’.”
Be a Hero.