Who are the Best Players in POSTECH
Who are the Best Players in POSTECH
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2015.09.23 13:01
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On the first day of competition, there was a basketball game. Players of POBBA, basketball club in POSTECH, played very fiercely but were defeated 34:51. Although the game was lost, Coach Hyun Soo Chae chose best players from his team. He is No. 91, Bong Jo Ju (CSE 10). Coach chose him because he led the team as one of the veteran players in POBBA and plays center. In an interview, Ju said he was sorry because they couldn’t play as well as they had practiced. However, he said player Hyun Woo Kim (CSE 14) performed well, especially considering he is a sophomore. He also said the team will win next year with player Kim.
On the second day, there was a baseball game. Players of the baseball club in POSTECH, Tachyons, did their best but were defeated 5:12 by the organized play of KAIST. In spite of the defeat, Seok Yong Park, coach of the Tachyons, chose Hwan Soo Jeon (Chem 13) as the best player. He was chosen because he defended as the starting pitcher and escaped a bases loaded situation only giving up one point. He threw about 130 pitches with 8 strikeouts in his 5 innings. Because he is a junior yet, he is expected to lead the Tachyons to a victory next year.
As the last game among all events, there was a soccer game in the playground. Players consisted of KAISER and ELEVEN, soccer clubs in POSTECH. They tried hard to take revenge on KAIST for last year’s game and were victorious 2:1. Nobody could predict the result of the game until the final whistle blew. Both teams had a very close game with fierce charging. Byeong Su Kang, the coach of the KAISER, said all players contributed to the victory and chose Hyun Joon Kim (MATH 12) as the best player. He was a team leader and played all over the ground as No. 10 playmaker. Also, he scored the first goal with a fabulous free kick and got an assist with a perfectly placed corner kick in the second-half. When he was injured, it was hard to play but he did his best on the ground until he was replaced with another player.