Organic Thin-film Transistor Breakthrough
Organic Thin-film Transistor Breakthrough
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2015.09.09 20:32
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Professors of POSTECH have improved the mobility of organic thin-film transistors. The team of professors Jae-Joon Kim (CiTE) and Sung-june Jung (CiTE), and Yoo Ho-Cheon (CiTE integrated Ph.D. candidate), Prof. Kil-won Jo (CE) and Hyun Ho Choi (CE Ph.D.) announced the technology to make an organic thin-film transistor based on TIPS-pentacene, which has the highest level of mobility. This research was announced in a prestigious journal of material science, Advanced Functional Materials, on Jun. 24.
The research team also revealed the correlation between mobility of organic thin-film transistor and crystal structure through device like polarized optical microscope. The research is meaningful in terms of developing technology to improve mobility without altering the original production process of the organic devices. Also, this technology could be an important groundwork for making more practical organic semiconductor integrated circuits and systems.

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