Joyful Interview with New President >>
Joyful Interview with New President >>
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2015.09.09 20:26
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On Aug. 27, three press organizations including The Postech Times interviewed President Kim and the answers are followed below.

Q. What is the most important to POSTECH?
A. It is more important than anything else and I will try my best to employ talented new professors in the near future. In addition, POSTECH will open everything to students including administration policy. This is ethical and the best way to communicate with students, which is core of education in college.
I want to say the opinion of each student is critical to the development of the college. Some problems have resulted from lack of communication between students and the school. In this part, the Undergraduate Association should represent students well.
Q. What do you think about the three hot issues, regulation of online game hour of students, rise of dormitory fee, and student cafeteria consignment?
A. For the first one, before I came to POSTECH, I thought it is problem of students’ self-control but now I think it is not only a problem of the player but something that also affects people around them, especially their roommate. Some regulation should be prepared to help students maintain a healthy life.
About the other issues, the university is making its efforts to prepare for the future of POSTECH as win-win strategies. There can be some troubles between members but it is inevitable to make a better future.I will try to adjust those policies, satisfying students’ demands.
Q. Do you think the development of POSTECH is related to Pohang?
A. POSTECH is located in Pohang, so they cannot develop separately. A city is closer to a college and more basic than a country. We will pay attention to Pohang City and do more with enterprises in Pohang.
Q. As the last part of this interview, what do you want to tell Postechians?
A. I think POSTECH is the future of Korea and I want you to have a dream and hope in this college. Be hungry. Whatever you do, act as if whole the world watches you. If you think the world pays attention to you, you cannot help but do the best for yourself. And I want students to know how to share with other people. Also, receive failure as positively as you can.
Moreover, I recommend students to have experiences in companies. Experience in an enterprise is very important as I felt for my experience.
Therefore, I will increase the opportunity for students to do internships in companies and also open the doors of the college to receive people from outside. If an opportunity presents itself, please enjoy it. It will really help you to feel how society operates and motivate them to study hard.
Q. The Postech Times is English newspaper for foreign stduents. What can you say to exchange students in POSTECH?
A. I had an experience studying abroad and I felt loneliness and difficulties as a stranger in foreign country. I want to tell them that I encourage exchange students and want them to be brave to overcome the difficulties with Korean students.