Be Friendly with Our Professors
Be Friendly with Our Professors
  • Reporter Gwak Jun-ho
  • 승인 2015.06.03 11:53
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Professor In S. Kang’s vision as a supervisor
What kind of academic exchange do you have with your lab students?
I arrange a meeting with my lab students once a month and give them any advice that they require, such as changing subjects and how to schedule each day in order to work efficiently.  I want students not to be pressured about meeting their professors. Having conversation with professors may look formal on the surface, but professors were once students, just like them. Thinking in that way should help students to approach their professors more intimately, I hope.
Is there any specific suggestion to your lab students?
Every time I see my lab students, they seem to be very obsessed with the fact that they have to compete with their mates and doing something better than other people. However, studying well in universities is in completely different dimension. University is a place where new knowledge is created. Therefore, I think students should always be prepared to question anything that can be accepted as common sense. That’s the thing that I always emphasize for my lab students. “It does not matter whether you get good or bad grades. What matters is whether you are ready to question and think creatively, in different dimensions”.
How do you help postgraduate students in your lab?
I approach postgraduate students in a different way compared to undergraduates. They have chosen to study post-degrees because they are attracted by the chance to learn their majors more deeply. For that reason, I do not try to teach them or help them directly, but prefer debating and discussion, where they can find answers on their own.