Various Events in Departments and Intimate Relationships with Professors
Various Events in Departments and Intimate Relationships with Professors
  • Reporter Park Min-young
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POSTECH is famous for its low ratio of professors to students. In comparison to other universities, POSTECH professors and students seem to have closer relationships.
In POSTECH, once freshmen enter the university, an advisor professor is designated for each of them. Advisors are from the same department as the students they advise. All departments have money allocated for advisors to have meals with students they advise. This support is possible because the number of Postechians is very small. During the dinner time with advisor, Postechians have a talk with advising professors and become closer with them. Advisors ask about students’ career or how they live their college life. Even outside of dinner, it is also advantage of Postechians that they can have a face-to-face talk with their advisors easily.
In several departments, including LIFE, MSE, ME, and CE, events for Teacher’s Day are becoming another way students get closer to professors. In that day, in life science and chemical engineering departments, students show a performance to professors and have dinner together. In ME, students prepare box lunches for their professors. In MSE, the department provides money for students to buy bouquets for professors.
Special programs in various departments also strengthen the bond between students and professors. In LIFE, members go hiking and have a field trip for ecology class every semester. Almost every undergraduate and many professors participate in hiking and they talk about college life and their future with professors. In MSE, professors accompany students in the TOHOKU-POSETCH exchange program. Also, MSE invites students’ parents every year. It was on May 2 and the department arranges dinners for students’ parents to meet professors of their sons and daughters. On that day, lab tour and meeting with professors etc. are also progressed. CiTE has many exchange program with professors. There are camp and studying abroad program for freshmen.
Also, CiTE students have opportunities to be familiar with professors in the exchange programs such as exchanging knowledge program among members. EE has a Freshmen Mentoring Program (FMP), in which students have informal meeting and request help for study from professors.
In CE, freshmen used to visit local cultural space with professors whole a day and are educated personality from them. In several departments, there are athletic competitions or special days, for example, in IME, students and professors strengthen friendships on IME People’s Day.
There are many opportunities for students to get closer to their professors. Postechians should take advantage of these great opportunities.