The 7th President of POSTECH Appointed
The 7th President of POSTECH Appointed
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2015.05.06 17:43
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On April 23, Dohyeon Kim, chairman of the National Science & Technology Council from 2011 to 2013, was selected as the 7th president of POSTECH. He starts his four-year term on September 1.
The appointment of the 7th president proceeded unanimously in the POSTECH Board of Trustees. The 7th President Dohyeon Kim’s suggested vision was deemed appropriate in that he will make POSTECH a respectable university, and he intricately understands the role POSTECH plays in the domestic science field.
The board also commented, "The 7th President Dohyeon Kim is well fit to lead POSTECH reasonably. He supports innovation yet pursues harmony among members. POSTECH faculty, staff, researchers, students, alumni, and foundation board members must strive to try to realize the founding principles of POSTECH and make POSTECH an international university with the new president."
The 7th President Dohyeon Kim is a professional in the material engineering field and served as a minister of Ministry of Education and Dean of Seoul National University College of Engineering.