Postechians’ Use of Time Between Classes
Postechians’ Use of Time Between Classes
  • Reporter Park Min-young
  • 승인 2015.05.06 17:34
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Unlike high school, there is extra time between classes in universities. The use of this time differs greatly among students. The Postech Times conducted a survey of Postechians from Apr. 16 – 23 to determine what people do between classes.
In POSTECH, there are students who have a free time on Friday, which means no class on Friday. The number of total respondents is 201 and the number of people who have no class on Friday is 77. Mostly, they spend free Friday on doing assignments or studying enough for weekdays. Some of them also take a rest on that day. Taking oversleep or nap and having delicious meal are what they prefer. Postechians who have no class on Friday also spend their time on club activities or civilized living. They exercise for themselves, play soccer or basketball, and play games. Some take advantage of the long weekend by visiting their homes or meeting high school friends.
Because of free Friday, the survey was implemented considering that week day is from Monday to Thursday. During the week day, the time between classes is different from individual to individual. Among the total 201 respondents, the largest number of students (74) has about 3-5 hours of free time. The following categories were 5 – 7 hours, less than 3 hours, and more than 7 hours, respectively.  The students (71) who do assignments or study outnumber those who do other activities. The second most common activity is taking a rest. Some of the respondents use their time to do club activities. Most students make time to do club activities while studying or doing assignments. A few Postechians read a book or listen to music during free time.
When Postechians plan their semester time table, some of them deliberately make free time between classes to have lunch or dinner. However, some have no choice but to skip their meal or have it very fast because of major subjects’ class time.
Postechians' university lives are busier than students of other universities. For that reason, the time between classes is very precious. Most Postechians consider their semester schedule very important and registering for courses is like a war. On registration day, the schedule is determined, which also determines students’ time between classes. Some use that time very efficiently. However, others waste that time and it affects their scores and other aspects of their life. Modern society is competitive and the fact that time utilization is important is obvious. Postechians must utilize not only their study and class time but also the time between classes.