Nano Fiber Leads to Good Science without Animal Testing
Nano Fiber Leads to Good Science without Animal Testing
  • Reporter Kwon Na-eun
  • 승인 2015.04.08 17:54
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Recently, the horrendous sight of animal testing has been made public through animal protection groups and the public opinion is divided. In particular, academic society has been trying to avoid animal testing but people faced difficulties since they did not have any apparent alternatives. On Apr. 11, a fundamental technology that could be an alternative for animal testing was announced from the research team led by Professor Dong Sung Kim (ME) and Sang Min Park (ME Ph.D. candidate). They developed a technology to make a Nano fiber membrane on a 3D surface above a chip. It imitates in-vivo membrane structure so it could have potential to be used in bio-chips and animal testing. This research was selected as an inside cover material of the famous journal Advanced Materials. The team used electricity spinning method, which has been applied to make Nano fibers. This method entails using electrostatic force to instantaneously discharge macromolecule into fiber shape. This enables the molecules to form a complicated 3D structure and control the thickness and permeability so that it may be applied to a Nano particle filter, sensor, catalyst, or battery.